We build apps that people trust. Our values and ideas bring technology and people together.

Our Work

We take immense pride in the work that represents how much dedication, passion and attention to details we put in the software we develop.

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Our Services

App & Software Development

We do all kind of Android, iPhone/iPad and Desktop (Win, Mac) application development.


Video and Audio Calling for Mobile, Web and Desktop applications, IVR.

Instant Messaging

IM using XMPP and SIP for Mobile, Web and Desktop applications.

Web Technologies

Web design and development, Wordpress Themes Development.

Tools & Technologies

Newest tools and technologies we are comfortable with

Our Team

Our team consist of technology experts and programming enthusiasts. With diverse experience in mobile, web and backend development, our team is fully equipped to deliver quality work.

John Doe

Tahir Jilani

Tahir is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at BooleanBites. During 13 years of experience Tahir earned diverse expertise in Information Technology field including Design and Development of Embedded Systems, Desktop and Mobile Applications. Previously served as Team Lead at Enterprise-Mobility UAE, Tahir is currently overseeing research and development at BooleanBites and also loves to assist the team by writing code in C/C++, Java, Android SDK/NDK/Wear and C# Microsoft .NET.

Creative Lead
Jane Helf

Adil Soomro

is a programmer and technology enthusiast, having expertise in technologies of Java and Objective-C to develop native applications expanding over 10 years. He does blogging and contributes to open source programming plus famous Q&A site StackOverflow.com. He has excellent project and team management skills. He is passionate about improving the user’s interaction mobile application.

Lead Designer
Joshua Insanus

Asim Rasool

Over 12 years experience of working as a passionate UI/UX web and mobile designer. In my vision, design should feel like it has one purpose – yours. And it should be incredibly versatile and at the same time incredibly easy to use. And it should work on all your devices. My designs are based around that vision, and I make decisions based on creating joy, retention and use. Complexity refactored to make a simple, joyous experience.

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We believe that it doesn’t cost a thing to talk, so why not get in touch with us and begin this awesome journey. We look forward to serve you.

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Our Traits

Our team is consist of technology experts and programming enthusiast individuals. We’ve earned diverse expertise in information technology, voice over IP solutions, instant messaging modules, embedded system, desktop and mobile application development. We’ve UI and UX passion to give designs a feel. Project management, team management and coordination, unique designs, quality code, quick delivery, 24/7 communication various technologies and diverse knowledge makes our team to deliver quality products.

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