Our highly skilled team has done many projects. Most of them cover VOIP, IM using xmpp, SIP stack customization, linphone, SOAP and REST api web-services based iOS, android and desktop application. These applications are enriched with usage of social plugins like twitter, facebook or any third party apis, serialization using json and xml and takes advantage of intuitive UI to users to increase the efficiency of every feature resulting in great user experience.

Adil Soomro

Creative Lead

Adil is a programmer and technology enthusiast, having expertise in technologies of Java and Objective-C to develop native applications expanding over 4 years. He does blogging and contributes to open source programming plus famous Q&A site StackOverflow.com. He has excellent project and team management skills. He is passionate about improving the user’s interaction mobile application.

Tahir Jilani

Co-Founder & CTO

During 7 years of experience Tahir earned diverse expertise in Information Technology field including Design and Development of Embedded Systems, Desktop and Mobile Applications. Previously served as Team Lead at Enterprise-Mobility UAE, Tahir is currently overseeing research and development at BooleanBites and also loves to assist the team by writing code in C/C++, Java, Android SDK/NDK/Wear and C# Microsoft .NET.

Asim Rasool

Designer In Cheif

Over 8 years experience of working as a passionate UI/UX web and mobile designer. In my vision, design should feel like it has one purpose – yours. And it should be incredibly versatile and at the same time incredibly easy to use. And it should work on all your devices. My designs are based around that vision, and I make decisions based on creating joy, retention and use. Complexity refactored to make a simple, joyous experience.


Technology Consultant

Zulfiqar is serving as Information technology consultant at BooleanBites. He is expertise work with clients to help them integrate information technology systems into their business. Using his management and technological skills Zulfiqar helps clients improve operation and get a higher return on their technology investments.

We offer creative solutions for every project you can think of. We take pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision and passion.

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